• FAFSA® Assistance

    For Legacy 'College Plan' Clients

 SFAS is no longer providing FAFSA® assistance services to new clients.    

We are currently only offering assistance and support to former clients 
who continue to be eligible for the ‘College Plan’ service.

To file the FAFSA® please visit www.FAFSA.gov

Non-eligible clients may wish to investigate or consider the following assistance service providers :
Dept of Education
Dept of Education

Federal Student Aid Information Center 

Operated by the Department of Education, the Federal Student Aid Information Center provides answers to questions about federal student aid and completing the FAFSA®. 

Telephone (800) 433 3243


Mos Student Financial Aid

“Mos is a smart, powerful tool for applying for student financial aid. With Mos, you’ll fill out one smart form and then Mos will apply for you to all the different programs for which you are eligible”.




“Figuring out how to get all the financial aid you deserve is tough.  With Frank, you’ll get everything you need to understand, apply for, and win the most free money possible.”


* Note: we are not affiliated with any service providers noted above.   This is neither an endorsement of, or recommendation for, any other third-party services.

College Plan Clients

If you are an eligible College Plan client who requires assistance, please complete the information below. 

NOTE:  Only students applying for a FAFSA while studying an undergraduate degree program remain eligible for continuing service.  

Once your eligibility for continued service has been confirmed, we will be in touch with you to schedule a consultation by phone.